Thursday, 24 November 2011


Well I know I have left it a bit late to start officially documenting details on my baby boy, but what's 19months out of the rest of his life (as I'll likely be looking after my "little" boy even when he's not so little anymore!)
Well a bit background: 2weeks after my due date, a medical induction & a 24hr labour my 8lb 12oz bundle was born.. By emergency section! He soo didn't want to leave my tummy!

And there we have my 1st struggle at being a mam! I was really upset having a section as I was sedated I didn't experience my boy being born in the way id imagined. The 1st memory I have is him all dressed in a little blue sleep suit & hat like a little perfectly wrapped present - very cute but not quite the way to get used to the idea he actually grew inside of me! Especially since I'm so small & he was quite big! Haha. But after 1 night at hospital I went home a happy (& sore) mammy!